New Study Explores Emergency Room Initiated Treatment

A study, recently released in The Journal of American Medical Association, was implemented from 2009 through 2013 with 329 patients in the Emergency Department at a large metropolitan teaching hospital.

The objective of the study:

To test the efficacy of 3 interventions for opioid dependence: (1) screening and referral to treatment (referral); (2) screening, brief intervention, and facilitated referral to community-based treatment services (brief intervention); and (3) screening, brief intervention, ED-initiated treatment with buprenorphine/naloxone, and referral to primary care for 10-week follow-up (buprenorphine).

The main outcomes and measures for the study were how many patients received and remained enrolled in addiction treatment in 30 days.

Each of the treatments had an impact:

  • 37% of patients in the referral group
  • 45% of patients in the brief intervention group
  • 78% of patients in the buprenorphine group

A link to the study:


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